Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Avon Mini Haul/Review.

Recently i ordered a few things from Avon. I thought i would tell you what they are, what they do and what i think of them so far.

*From left to right*
Avon daily hair refresher: Is a bit like a dry shampoo, you spray it onto dry hair and it leaves it smelling fresh and also makes hair smooth and shiney, but doesnt get rid of greasyness dry shampo does. I already have this in cherry blossom and i love it so i thought i would try Raspberry & Hibiscus. It smells great and i can't wait to start using it as i still have a little of cherry Blossom Left. Laura Tip: I spray it on before i straighten as this makes the smell a bit strong and doesnt leave you hair with that "straightened" smell and it isn't heavy on the hair. 4.5 out of 5.

Avon Heat Protection Styler: This is a Heat protector and is used with any heated styling equipment. This seals the cuticles leaving the hair shiney, smooth and in great condition, i also find it had a nice smell to it too. This can be used on wet or dry hair E.g. Before blowdrying or just before straightening. I love this stuff, this is my second bottle and i was lost when i ran out. Heat protectors, i always found were heavy on my hair and some left it feeling greasey/dirty but this works wonders. 5 out of 5.

Avon Colour Protection Anti-Fade Uv Spray: Thought i would give this as a try as it says it protects natural and colour treated hair from the colour fading and defends against powerful UV rays and sun damge. My hair is naturally Light brown/Dark dirty blonde and i dye my hair Dark brown, and during the summer it always fades, as the sun bleaches my hair so i thouht i would give this a try during the summer and if i like it i will continue to use as i hate colours when they fade out. (reminds me i need to dye my hair actually). Doesnt seem a thick heavy product and smells nice too. Havent used/tested it enought give it a rating yet, but will enter soon.

Avon clearskin Blemish Clearing Peel Off Mask: I thought i would try this as i love peel off masks, they are my favorite. I always think with the mud masks and other maks you apply and wash off, they don't really clean your face as, you let it do its thing and clean your skin and as you wash it off you are just rubbing the dirt back into your skin but with peel off masks you aren't rubbing the dirt back on you are simply puling it away from the skin and plus you get to see all the dirt which i like as i feel it has really done its job and it's fun. It is supposed to reduce the appearence of blemishes and and improve skin clarify. This is slightly different from other peel off maks i use, as usually you wash your face, apply and leave to dry and peel off but this one you cleanse, apply and leave over night. I love this stuff, at first i was a bit hmmmm about leaving it on overnight as i thought it would get all over my pillows and stuff but it didn't. Its great and it's really helping my skin as the sun has been bringing out all the oils in my skin. 4 out of 5.

I have a few thing from Avon i have bought in the past and if you would like me to review them just let me know and i will do that for you.

Mwahh xx

Friday, 25 May 2012


I live in England and as you might know England never really gets good weather. We get good rain but hardly any sun and today its SUNNY!!!! It is 20degrees thats REALLY hot for England.
I'm so excited! I'm ready to pop my bikini on and go relax with my ipod or book out in the sun and catch some rays then i thought....oh Crap i have work to be done.
 I have coursework for college that needs to be done and the sun is shining through the window, mocking me, whilst i sit here and type a blog and do my coursework at the same time :(
I am trying to get most of it done by about 12pm and it's not 10.50 and there is alot to be done, i've got the fill out that table, write about what i've put in the table, write about benefits to the salon and client and stylist of selling a service or product and the requirements of selling and promoting. Doesn't sound like much but being a level 3 student (senior stylist) they expect your work to be perfect and long and understanding.  Now i'm sat here wondering why i chose an extra unit.....Because i get more qualifications but i want to be out in the sun :(
I'm gonna go finished this coursewor off asap and chill in the sun :D

Tuesday, 22 May 2012


So i have just spent 2 1/2 hours creating my own blog page, as i have been wanting to start my own blog for awhile but havent got the courage to do so, but today i sat infront of my computer and thought to hell with it.

I thought i would start my first blog with a bit about myself and what my blogs will be about.
My name is Laura , i'm 19(nearly twenty) i'm a fully qualified hair stylist and currently looking for work. I am in an loving relationship and i have great plans for the fututre. I 'm a big book worm, love watching tv and films and do have my own opinion on just about anything. i am a very organised person and i am always there for anyone.

I thought a great deal about what my blogs could be about i thought about just my feelings and thoughts and then i thought maybe reviews and hauls and then i came up with the idea of ... A bit of Everything. I will be posting on here about stuff i like, stuff i dont like, what i've been upto, how i feel, things i've been buying and book reviews and such. if you have anything you would like me to write about leave me a comment and i will try my best to get back to you.

Mwah x