Wednesday, 26 September 2012


Hey Guys,
I have noticed recently that i only ever really get comments on haul blogs and im too skint to be able to keep doing these kinds of blogs so i thought i would ask if you like any of my new ideas?
1) Monthly book review?
2) Weekly nail art?
3) Weekly Personal Preview(Something about me)
4) Weekly thing im loving
5) Dvd collection?
6) Book Collection?
7) Costume Ideas For Halloween?
If there is anything you can think of that you would like me to do let me know.
Mwahh xx

Monday, 24 September 2012


Hey Guys,
As you may have realised i am unemployed and sadly due to contracts and having to pay my mother board i have had to sign on for job seekers allowance, which i hate. I feel embarrased to go and sign on every two weeks and feel that they pick on all the bad things you have but none of the good.
I have been sent on many courses already to help me find a job and there has only been one that actually helped. It was called a4e and it was a free voluntary 2 day course, they helped me realise how to better my cover letter and CV.
Without going off track i am bored of being stuck at home. All family and friends work and i'm stuck here doing nothing. I tried things to help me pass the time, but there is only so much reading you can do in one day. I tried online window shopping but that made me realise i can't actually buy of this stuff which made me a little sad. I have played Nintendo Ds games, but i completed one within a day, so i need to buy more games haha. So i wondered if you can help me?
Have you any ideas for things i can do to ease the boredom?
Reading i do.
playing games i do.
Internet searching i do.
But i can't think of anything else that isn't going to be expensive to start. EG: i thought of knitting, but i would need to buy wool, the knitting needles and stuff.
Please offer any ideas, i'm so bored haha.
Mwahh xxx

Sunday, 23 September 2012

Superdug Haul.

Hey Guys,
Today i'm going to do my promised Superdrug Haul.
It wasn't as big as i thought it would be but i did purchase a few good items i wanted to share.
Brilliant 1 week tooth whitening kit. £3.99 (£2 off)

Superdrug own dry shampoo. £1.99 each. Offer buy two get one free.

Superdrug own spray bu one get one half price £1.09 each. Impulse Spray £0.89 Half Price

Nivea half price £1.61

Collection 2000 Powder £1.99. Rimmel Foundation £5.99. Rimmel Eyebrow Pencil £1.99

I went a bit mad on nail polish, Barrym Had an offer spend £6 and you get a Crackle polish free, My white and blue crackle were free. I now have got all of the magnetic polishes inculding all new colours :D I bought i different chameleon polish to try. I bought three Barrym polishes to build up my collection. Lastly i bought two miss sporty nail polish a baby pink/glittery and a teal colour.

That is all i bought from superdrug and sorry you hav had to wait awhile for the haul blog i have been busy.

See you soon
Mwahh xx

Saturday, 15 September 2012

Book Review - His n Hers.

Hey Guys,
Today i thought i would do a book review on a book by Mike Gayle called His n Hers.
I was given this from my mother as she had purchased whilst on holiday and once she had finished it she gave it to me. I am unsure where you can purchase this from as it was bought abroad and Waterstones don't stock it apparently.
From their first meeting at the student union over a decade ago, Jim and Alison successfully navigated their way through first dates, meeting parents, moving in together and more! Then they split up and divided their worldly goods (including a sofa, a cat and their flat) into his 'n' hers. Now, three years on and with new lives and new loves, they couldn't be happier. Until a chance encounter throws them back together, and causes them to embark on a journey through their past to ask themselves the big question: where did it all go wrong, and is it too late to put it all right?

I think this book is good but not one i will be keeping as i don't think i will ever read it again. I would recommend everyone to read though. I found that the book was well written in his and hers format. It is written from his and her point of view which i found very clever, but one thing i will say it does drag on alot with their life and the ending is very quick to finish.
My copy had 352 pages and that was easily read as the print was very big and it was easy to read. It is a book i couldn't put down but it was quickly over as i have said already.
Not sure if i would read anymore of Mike Gayle books as if they are all like this i would get bored very quickly.

Have you read any good books recently? Do you recommend any books to myself? i hope you enjoyed this mini book review.

Thursday, 13 September 2012

Primark Haul

Leopard Print Top £7 
Hey Guys,
As promised here is my primark haul blog.
I did spend alot in Primark but i have bought loads and it will last me a long time. I hope you enjoy and i will be back soon mwahh xx

Long Sleeve Loose Top £5

Light Blue Cardie *SALE* £6

Navy Hoodie £8
5 pack of socks £2.50

nail varnish set £2 each
Pj's £5

Bead Bracelet £3, Rose Gold Bracelet £4, Charm Bracelet £3

Shoes *SALE* £6

Hair Elastics £1 Bun Ring £1

Rose Gold Earrings £2.50 Diamond Earrings £2.50

Six Set of Earrings £2

Round Bag £4 Black bag £4

Glitter Polish £2.50
Grey Joggins Bottoms £5

Black Leggings £3
Skirt *SALE* £1

Dip Dye Jumper *SALE* £6

Plain long sleeve Top £3

Plain Tshirt - £3 Each
Loose Patterned Fabric T shirt £4

Wednesday, 12 September 2012

birthday gifts.

Hey guys,
Today i thought i would share with you what i had for my birthday.
1)I had cards of everyone.
2)Some Money
3)£25 gift card for Superdru which i will be spending saturday and i will do a Superdug haul.
4) Dvds: Oliver, The Backup Plan, Tape 407, White Chicks, Scary Movie 2 and Trainspotting.
5) I had a nail studio i will put a picture below.
6) Chocolate.
7) Leopard print puff/storage box. I will add a picture below.
8) A money jar with lock. hehe
9) My Netbook which i had early.
10) lastly a teddy bear.

Nail Studio.

This isn't a great picture, but you can see the left arm holds the nail varnish, the litle stand stables your hand or foot and the right side had a nail varnish remover and holds the pads and cotton buds.

My storage puff.

Sorry the pictures aren't any good today i couldn't get the right light. This is my storage puff. The seat on top is very soft and comfortable. I cant think of anything to put inside it though. Any ideas?

I hope you enjoyed this mini blog and i would just like to say i am in no way trying to brag. I wanted to share with you guys what i got for my birthday.
I will be doing my primark haul as promised i bought alot so expect it to be long haha.
Mwahh xxx

Monday, 10 September 2012


Hey Guys,
It's my birthday tomorrow! Im going to be 20 yey!!
I'm really excited as it's my first birthday with my partner and for once it's going to be a happy day and i have plans for the weekend and i'm so excited.
I have already got a few cards and had a little bit of money. I've got a few presents to open tomorrow and hopefully i will be shopping to expect a birthday haul( like what my presents were) and a haul from each shop. As i plan on going to Primark, matalan, superdrug at some point this week.
There may be a lot of haul blogs but i might spread them apart otherwise it will be get boring.
I'll take alot of photos and put them on here for you all to see also.
I'm so excited i can't even write proparly today haha
See you guys soon.
Mwahh xx

Thursday, 6 September 2012


Heys guys,
Today i wanted to talk about music. My family is very musical, most of use can sing and all of us can play at least one instrument. music has always been in my blood, hense why i had a treble clef tattooed on my back.
I like music of all sorts from rock to drum and bass. I don't have a certain genre or even group/artist i like the best. I do have favorite songs and i do know already what i would like to be played at my funeral. What are your favorite songs?
My Favorite Songs:
1) End Credits - Chase n Status Ft Plan B here
2) Concrete Angel - Martina Mcbride here
3) Girl in the mirror - Cheryl here
4) Show Me Love - Robyn S (club version) here
5) Circle the drain - Katy Perry here

All of these songs have there own meaning to myself and the first two will be played at my funeral i know that for sure. /does your choice in music change depending on what mood you are in?
Mwahh x

Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Book Review - James Corden

Hey Guys,
As stated in a past blog i purchased James Cordens autobiography. I only ever read one other autobiography and that was Lee Evans as he is my favorite comedian. I bought James Corden with another book for £7 and i will say i started it and finished it within 2 days. I could of done this in one reading easy but i had cleaning to do :(
I loved this book and would recommend this to anyone that likes James Corden, because as it is a autobiography it is written by him, himself and you can really feel what he says. I was laughing till i was crying (my partner thought i was crazy).
The book is an easy read and anyone would enjoy it, but if you enjoyed anything James has been in then you will love the book. I would go into more detail but i don't want to spoil the book for you, one thing i do love about this book is that he didn't want to name each chapter so he gives each chapter a song to listen to, a film to watch and a food to eat when reading the chapter. I would like to say this book would make you fat if you ate what it recommended and when it did as some chapters are realy short. I have listenined to some songs that were recommended to see what they like and i may watch Gavin ans stacey all over again soon.
Have you read this yet?
mwah  xx

Monday, 3 September 2012


Hey guys,
This isn't going to be a normal review or haul blog today this is going to be one of my rant blogs. Something has been getting to me for awhile now i think everyone agrees with me on this!
Bit of background: whilst at school i knew i wanted to become a hairdresser i took Business studies at school and based my coursework on that which did help me in the long run, straight from school i did all three levels of hairdressing and passed with flying colours. I was going to go to University and study level 4 but when i spoke to a careers advisor, because of me doing my Business Studies based on Hairdressing i would be getting myself into debt and wasting 2 years (careers advisors words not mine). So for the past 6 months i have been applying for jobs left, right and centre. Most of them not being in hairdressing as i need the money, plus i can always keep looking for a job in hairdressing.
The problem, i remember when i was little my mum's ex's (i see him as my dad) walked into a job with no qualifications and got the job easily, but now everything has changed i think it's stupid how badly it has changed into. As i said before i have all 3 levels in hairdressing and that puts your foot in the door, but heres is the problem i have no "real salon" experience, even though i ran my own column cut REAL clients hair and worked in the half terms and got paid for it, people don't class that as real experience. Now this part might get confusing to bare with it, as i have "no" experience i get interviews but i don't get the job, but no where will employ me to get the experience, so without getting experience how am i ever going to get a job in hairdressing? It's a horrible circle i find myself in. People have told me to volunteer but my arguement is (without sounding lazy) the time i would be volunteering/working for free i should be out there finding a job that pays. Plus if i volunteer and get an interview i can't just not turn up as this volunteer work would be helping me, so i'm stuck searching for jobs!
I know how to apply for jobs and how to sell myself well it's not rocket science, you see a job research a little, if they ask for things you got, you apply if they ask for things that you haven't don't apply, but you have to have qualifications in everything now. The other day no lie i found a job advertisement for a cleaning job in a hotel and i didn't some cleaning qualification so i couldn't apply! Sorry but you need a duster, polish, hoover, bleach, sponge and stuff to clean not qualifications!
It annoys me when people moan about the amount of people on Job's Seekers Allowance and claiming benefits and i will admit before leaving college and stepping into the "real" world i did too but now i understand why people do it, it's because they have to! People moan about kids have kids themselves and people not bothering to gets jobs, i see now why they do it, it's easier that way, i had a friend on level 2 hairdressing with me, she was having a baby and her mother told her she needed to move out and the fathers parents had said the same. The girl had her baby and was given a 3 bedroom house! I understand you can't leave a baby and it's parents homeless but a three bedroom house your laughing and because she didn't work most of it was paid for! You can't live forever on nothing, yet no one giving jobs out, and it's much easier to live on benefits honestly!
Does anyone agree with what i'm saying? Have you had any of the same problems? leave a comment below.
Mwahh x

Saturday, 1 September 2012


Hey guys,
I have a new netbook. I was going to have a laptop but my partner offered to buy me one for my birthday and my new netbook was in the sale so i was allowed it early :) My old laptop annoyed me though, because it was really slow but i was 6 years old and the battery burnt out and it wouldn't work without being on charge so i did need a new one, but as i was geting everything off old one it started to get quicker at responding! My old laptop now works okay is but it just old now.
Hopefully with a new laptop i will be able to blog more as it is easier than trying to get on family computer and it's tiny it's so cute :D
I have a book review coming up and Barrym nail haul.
I will be back with these blogs and many more? Sorry if my spelling is crap it's a new laptop so i'm just getting used to the size difference of keyboards aha.
until next time
Mwahh x