Saturday, 1 September 2012


Hey guys,
I have a new netbook. I was going to have a laptop but my partner offered to buy me one for my birthday and my new netbook was in the sale so i was allowed it early :) My old laptop annoyed me though, because it was really slow but i was 6 years old and the battery burnt out and it wouldn't work without being on charge so i did need a new one, but as i was geting everything off old one it started to get quicker at responding! My old laptop now works okay is but it just old now.
Hopefully with a new laptop i will be able to blog more as it is easier than trying to get on family computer and it's tiny it's so cute :D
I have a book review coming up and Barrym nail haul.
I will be back with these blogs and many more? Sorry if my spelling is crap it's a new laptop so i'm just getting used to the size difference of keyboards aha.
until next time
Mwahh x

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