Thursday, 13 September 2012

Primark Haul

Leopard Print Top £7 
Hey Guys,
As promised here is my primark haul blog.
I did spend alot in Primark but i have bought loads and it will last me a long time. I hope you enjoy and i will be back soon mwahh xx

Long Sleeve Loose Top £5

Light Blue Cardie *SALE* £6

Navy Hoodie £8
5 pack of socks £2.50

nail varnish set £2 each
Pj's £5

Bead Bracelet £3, Rose Gold Bracelet £4, Charm Bracelet £3

Shoes *SALE* £6

Hair Elastics £1 Bun Ring £1

Rose Gold Earrings £2.50 Diamond Earrings £2.50

Six Set of Earrings £2

Round Bag £4 Black bag £4

Glitter Polish £2.50
Grey Joggins Bottoms £5

Black Leggings £3
Skirt *SALE* £1

Dip Dye Jumper *SALE* £6

Plain long sleeve Top £3

Plain Tshirt - £3 Each
Loose Patterned Fabric T shirt £4


  1. Hiya just came across your blog from the comments in Louise's video :) I've bought some of these things to, I have the ombre style top but in green and had no idea it comes in blue ahhhh

    please come visit my blog :)I've joined yours xxx

  2. love the haul, those shoes are amazing for only £6!

  3. I will be follow you both soon.
    Glad you enjoyed the haul and i did get some bargins.
    Laura xx