Monday, 3 September 2012


Hey guys,
This isn't going to be a normal review or haul blog today this is going to be one of my rant blogs. Something has been getting to me for awhile now i think everyone agrees with me on this!
Bit of background: whilst at school i knew i wanted to become a hairdresser i took Business studies at school and based my coursework on that which did help me in the long run, straight from school i did all three levels of hairdressing and passed with flying colours. I was going to go to University and study level 4 but when i spoke to a careers advisor, because of me doing my Business Studies based on Hairdressing i would be getting myself into debt and wasting 2 years (careers advisors words not mine). So for the past 6 months i have been applying for jobs left, right and centre. Most of them not being in hairdressing as i need the money, plus i can always keep looking for a job in hairdressing.
The problem, i remember when i was little my mum's ex's (i see him as my dad) walked into a job with no qualifications and got the job easily, but now everything has changed i think it's stupid how badly it has changed into. As i said before i have all 3 levels in hairdressing and that puts your foot in the door, but heres is the problem i have no "real salon" experience, even though i ran my own column cut REAL clients hair and worked in the half terms and got paid for it, people don't class that as real experience. Now this part might get confusing to bare with it, as i have "no" experience i get interviews but i don't get the job, but no where will employ me to get the experience, so without getting experience how am i ever going to get a job in hairdressing? It's a horrible circle i find myself in. People have told me to volunteer but my arguement is (without sounding lazy) the time i would be volunteering/working for free i should be out there finding a job that pays. Plus if i volunteer and get an interview i can't just not turn up as this volunteer work would be helping me, so i'm stuck searching for jobs!
I know how to apply for jobs and how to sell myself well it's not rocket science, you see a job research a little, if they ask for things you got, you apply if they ask for things that you haven't don't apply, but you have to have qualifications in everything now. The other day no lie i found a job advertisement for a cleaning job in a hotel and i didn't some cleaning qualification so i couldn't apply! Sorry but you need a duster, polish, hoover, bleach, sponge and stuff to clean not qualifications!
It annoys me when people moan about the amount of people on Job's Seekers Allowance and claiming benefits and i will admit before leaving college and stepping into the "real" world i did too but now i understand why people do it, it's because they have to! People moan about kids have kids themselves and people not bothering to gets jobs, i see now why they do it, it's easier that way, i had a friend on level 2 hairdressing with me, she was having a baby and her mother told her she needed to move out and the fathers parents had said the same. The girl had her baby and was given a 3 bedroom house! I understand you can't leave a baby and it's parents homeless but a three bedroom house your laughing and because she didn't work most of it was paid for! You can't live forever on nothing, yet no one giving jobs out, and it's much easier to live on benefits honestly!
Does anyone agree with what i'm saying? Have you had any of the same problems? leave a comment below.
Mwahh x

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