Sunday, 23 September 2012

Superdug Haul.

Hey Guys,
Today i'm going to do my promised Superdrug Haul.
It wasn't as big as i thought it would be but i did purchase a few good items i wanted to share.
Brilliant 1 week tooth whitening kit. £3.99 (£2 off)

Superdrug own dry shampoo. £1.99 each. Offer buy two get one free.

Superdrug own spray bu one get one half price £1.09 each. Impulse Spray £0.89 Half Price

Nivea half price £1.61

Collection 2000 Powder £1.99. Rimmel Foundation £5.99. Rimmel Eyebrow Pencil £1.99

I went a bit mad on nail polish, Barrym Had an offer spend £6 and you get a Crackle polish free, My white and blue crackle were free. I now have got all of the magnetic polishes inculding all new colours :D I bought i different chameleon polish to try. I bought three Barrym polishes to build up my collection. Lastly i bought two miss sporty nail polish a baby pink/glittery and a teal colour.

That is all i bought from superdrug and sorry you hav had to wait awhile for the haul blog i have been busy.

See you soon
Mwahh xx

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