Wednesday, 12 September 2012

birthday gifts.

Hey guys,
Today i thought i would share with you what i had for my birthday.
1)I had cards of everyone.
2)Some Money
3)£25 gift card for Superdru which i will be spending saturday and i will do a Superdug haul.
4) Dvds: Oliver, The Backup Plan, Tape 407, White Chicks, Scary Movie 2 and Trainspotting.
5) I had a nail studio i will put a picture below.
6) Chocolate.
7) Leopard print puff/storage box. I will add a picture below.
8) A money jar with lock. hehe
9) My Netbook which i had early.
10) lastly a teddy bear.

Nail Studio.

This isn't a great picture, but you can see the left arm holds the nail varnish, the litle stand stables your hand or foot and the right side had a nail varnish remover and holds the pads and cotton buds.

My storage puff.

Sorry the pictures aren't any good today i couldn't get the right light. This is my storage puff. The seat on top is very soft and comfortable. I cant think of anything to put inside it though. Any ideas?

I hope you enjoyed this mini blog and i would just like to say i am in no way trying to brag. I wanted to share with you guys what i got for my birthday.
I will be doing my primark haul as promised i bought alot so expect it to be long haha.
Mwahh xxx

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