Monday, 24 September 2012


Hey Guys,
As you may have realised i am unemployed and sadly due to contracts and having to pay my mother board i have had to sign on for job seekers allowance, which i hate. I feel embarrased to go and sign on every two weeks and feel that they pick on all the bad things you have but none of the good.
I have been sent on many courses already to help me find a job and there has only been one that actually helped. It was called a4e and it was a free voluntary 2 day course, they helped me realise how to better my cover letter and CV.
Without going off track i am bored of being stuck at home. All family and friends work and i'm stuck here doing nothing. I tried things to help me pass the time, but there is only so much reading you can do in one day. I tried online window shopping but that made me realise i can't actually buy of this stuff which made me a little sad. I have played Nintendo Ds games, but i completed one within a day, so i need to buy more games haha. So i wondered if you can help me?
Have you any ideas for things i can do to ease the boredom?
Reading i do.
playing games i do.
Internet searching i do.
But i can't think of anything else that isn't going to be expensive to start. EG: i thought of knitting, but i would need to buy wool, the knitting needles and stuff.
Please offer any ideas, i'm so bored haha.
Mwahh xxx

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