Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Book Review - James Corden

Hey Guys,
As stated in a past blog i purchased James Cordens autobiography. I only ever read one other autobiography and that was Lee Evans as he is my favorite comedian. I bought James Corden with another book for £7 and i will say i started it and finished it within 2 days. I could of done this in one reading easy but i had cleaning to do :(
I loved this book and would recommend this to anyone that likes James Corden, because as it is a autobiography it is written by him, himself and you can really feel what he says. I was laughing till i was crying (my partner thought i was crazy).
The book is an easy read and anyone would enjoy it, but if you enjoyed anything James has been in then you will love the book. I would go into more detail but i don't want to spoil the book for you, one thing i do love about this book is that he didn't want to name each chapter so he gives each chapter a song to listen to, a film to watch and a food to eat when reading the chapter. I would like to say this book would make you fat if you ate what it recommended and when it did as some chapters are realy short. I have listenined to some songs that were recommended to see what they like and i may watch Gavin ans stacey all over again soon.
Have you read this yet?
mwah  xx

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