Friday, 31 August 2012

Ring Watches.

Hey Guys,
Today i want to talk about watch rings. I'm sure you all have seen them around, they are medium size rings with watches built in to them. They come in all shapes and sizes and i think are for all ages up to 30's. I don't think they suit really old people but i would recommend purchasing one for crazy outfits for fancy dress parties.

I purchased my first watch ring the flower one around two years ago in a end of season sale at new look and i loved it. I wore it alot and always got good comments from everyone. I purchased the other two within the last 3 months both from primark. The white one was in the sale for £2 and i think the orange/coral colour was bought for £2.50. I love these watches for summer as they make a statement to an outfit and also in summer when you get a tan and end up with a white mark where your watch was it looks a bit silly.
Ignore how horrible this picture is but as you can see the ring allow makes a good statement to an outfit:

So i know this was a short and sweet blog but i wanted to share with you my fashion idea.
Mwahh xx

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