Thursday, 2 August 2012

Barrym Magnetic Nails Review.

Hey Guys,
I thought today i would give you a review of Barrym magnetic nail polishes + a little demo.
As you may have read here i love Barrym For it's Nail paints. I think they are great quality and are a great price. I bought awhile back all the Magnetic collection and i love them, so today i thought i would tell you the in and outs and what i think.
As you can see there are four to this collection and i have them all. The reason why i purchased them all at once was because i wanted to mix and match with the magnets. They are priced at £4.99 and can be purchased from Superdrug, Boots and BarryM.
First thing you do is paint your nail as you normally would. I have done a nail for each colour. The polish is very thick compared to the normal paints as this is a special effect polish. I found thi dries very quickly. I actually like the colours like this, the purple and red are my favorite. Which one do you like?

Next you go over the polish again but this time hover the magnet over the nail. I roll it left and right to get it on the sides aswell. As you can see the patterns do come out pretty well.

The black pattern isn't         The purple is a great
as good as the others          colour and the pattern
but i found doing two          really stands out.
coats of magnet it
works better.

The red is quite                 The blue colour is also
bright and i think                bright and the pattern is
it works well as colour       good for the olympics at
on it's own.                        the moment as it
                                         reminds me of the
                                         England Flag.

I would reccomend these for people beginning on nail art, as they give a little twist to the normal nail polish and i have had soooo many compliments on how they look and some people thought i had done the pattern myself. Have you tried these polishes? What do you think?

Mwahh xx

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