Monday, 27 August 2012


Hey guys,
I was really naughty and bought a few too many books again. If i'm honest i actually bought eighteen!
Recently being busy though i haven't read much but i certainly have enough to catch up on my reading though ay.
Book List:
1) What i did on my holidays By Chrissie Manby.
2) Mini Shopaholic By Sophie Kinsella
3) At Risk By Patricia Cornwell (Because i needed it for the set).
4) Wedding Fever By Kim Gruenenfelder
5) Yesturday's Sun By Amanda Brooke.
6) Breaking the Silence By Diane Chamberlain.
7) Brass ring By Diane Chamberlain.
8) Alice Browns Lessons in the curious Art of Dating By Eleanor Prescott.
9)Baby Be Mine By Paige Toon.
10) Breakfast at Darcys By Ali McNamara.
11) Black notice By Patricia Cornwell.(To Complete my set)
12) Blow Fly By Patricia Cornwell.(To complete set)
13) Book of the Dead By Patricia Cornwell.(To complete set)
14) The Haunted By Niki Valentine.
15) Hot Blooded By Lisa Jackson.
16) Hotwire By Alex Kava.
17) No one left to tell By Karen Rose.
18) May i have your attention please? By James Corden.

Yes granted 18 books is alot but five were bought for me i was just allowed to choose and they came to £12(3 for £5 and 2 for £7). Shopaholic and Patricia Cornwell ones were bought actually from the market for £2 each which was a bargin. I didn't purchased these books all at once they have been purchased within the last month. I just recently noticed how many i actually purchased. oppsie.
If there are any you would like me to read and review please leave acomment beow and i am always pen to suggstions.
Mwah xx

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