Thursday, 23 August 2012

Nail Haul.

Hey Guys,
Sorry it has been awhile just been a busy bee for once. I was planning on doing a Ebay haul but i ended up purchasing quite alot of nail items so i have changed this to a nail haul. If you would like me to review any of the products mentioned i will do so.
Ebay Stuff:
I purchased for £1, a pack of cut fimo's there are 50 random fimos within this packet.  

For £2 i purchased 100 fimos, which are hearts, cakes and bows. the below pictures shows the different ones i got qith in this pack. I do have a lot of the same but i get to use them al the time now.
I also purchased for £1 50 fruit fimos. I bought these for summer and didn't get to use them as it hasn't been very sunny in England. I will be purchasing christmas and halloween ones too.

 I bought from ebay for £2.49 two of the tubs to hold my fimos in ad it was buy two and get a third one free.

 I have cut up my cake fimos and have put them in the tub. As you can see i have over a 1000 fimos.
I have my fruit fimos to cut up and all my bows and hearts but i will do them really soon. I actually enjoyed cutting them is was very calming.

 I bought for £1 alot of mini rhinestones. The thing i don't like about bying them like this is you can never tell what colours you are choosing/picking up as they all look rainbow as they reflect off each other. :(
For £1 i bought these 12 little tubs of rhinestones they are slightly bigger than the pack and they have there own little tubs also which i like.

 My wheel was £2 these are also rhinestones but they are really big. think i will use them in the middle of flowers or stuff. My bows were£0.99 for 30 black bows. I have been after these £d arts for awhile and when i saw how cheap they were on Ebay i had to buy some.

Last thing on my Ebay haul list was my dotting tools. These are 5 double ended dotting tools. None are the same size and i actually bought these are nail art pens are expensive when if i had these i can use normal nail varnish.
Shop Haul:
These two polishes were bought from a shop in England called, Bodyare they were 99p each and i only bought them because i have hardly any glitter nail varnish and you can't moan at the price.
 I was naughty and bought more Barrym polish. My boyfriend put me on a ban till my birthday but i couldn't resist,(he's on a training course so shhhhh don;'t tell him).
 I love Sally Hansen polish. It helped me grow my nails and i don't know where i would be without it. I ue this on it's own, as a base or even top coat. This was £3.65 from Superdrug it had a £1 off.

I actually purchased these glitters from a shop called poundland they were in the arts part but i thought they looked fine enought to use as nail glitter. I love the colours.
Because of my latest purchases i have had to move my nail polishes into a old shoe box and now a,l my nail art stuff is where these were. As you can see my collection is ever growing. I prefer having them this way as i can see what colour is what.
I will try to get back to normal posting as much as i can, i'm not house or baby sitting for awhile hehe. See you soon.
Mwahh xx

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