Thursday, 9 August 2012

down day

Hey guys,
Todays post is a bit late night and is a bit of a deep blog post. You know when you have a down day? Where all the little things really get to you? Today that was the kind of day I had. My partner is going away for two weeks for training for wotk and last time he went I missed him so much and I cried at least once a day for him as he is my world and because of him going away again I guess I feel a little lost. I tried to live life the "right" way by getting a career first but yet im still jobless and stick living at home. Im 20 in five weeks but I feel as if I am 19 going on 30, not to brag but im mature for my age and I guess I feel I have don't things the wrong way in life. It's a mid life crisis, its just a crappy day with no one who understands.
Sorry this post was a bit different and I know moat people won't have likes it but if it gets things off your chest then you always feel better afterwards 
I'll be back with a normal post shortly.
Mwahh x


  1. I can empathise with feeling older than you actually are. Why not think up/plan some things that will make you happy to keep you occupied. Even if it's just planning a night watching your favourite film or something it might help and it will be something to look forward to throughout the day? Hope you're OK and I hope things seem better in the morning for you xx

    1. I have tried to pack the next two weeks with lots of things to do so hopefully I won't be too down. Thank you for the lovely comment.