Monday, 13 August 2012

Barrym Chameleon Nail Review.

Hey guys,
Today i thought i would give you a review on the Barrym Chameleon nail polish. I bought this as soon as it came out, so i could demo and review it as soon as possible. I only purchased one polish as i wasn't sure how well this would work for myself.

I purchased this from Superdrug for £3.99, but i know you also purchase it from Boots and from the Barrym Site.
The packaging is like all the other nail paints from Barrym, but if you look at the lid of the polsih you will see the two colours the polish will be. With this polish i purchased the main colour was blue and when you apply a top coat it turns to a purpley pink colour. There are three polishes to choose from, blue, purple and pink.
I think that if you are a beginner of nail art and you just got the basics to purchase one of these polishes as they are great for that sort of thing.
You can keep it the nice blue colour on it's own or add a pop of colour to your nail with a design using a top coat. I will add you don't have to purchase the Barrym Top coat for this to work any top coat will work as long it is clear so you can see the colour change.

As you can see from the pictures i tested out what kind of patterns you could use with this polish, also if more top coat darkens the colour. I found it looked good with the dots and as a french tip, with the other patterns i find that with a pop of other colour, glitter or rhinestones it would work. There are so many way to wear this polish and it's just thinking and testing it out, but i only showed a few for the blog. I would like to purchase more colours as i think the pink one looks rather pretty. As i said above i would reccomend to nail art beginners as it is simple and easy and you can create so much with one polish and a top coat.
I hope you enjoyed this quick nail polish review and i will be back soon with more blog posts. Feel free to leave a comment with your views.
Mwahh xx

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