Friday, 3 August 2012

Dry Shampoo Review.

Hey Guys,
Today i thought i would talk about dry shampoos. I have loved these for a good few years and would recommend these to anyone. You can purchase dry shampoos from any shop that sells hair products. Some places are cheaper than others. Here is the Batiste site.
Batiste is a well know brand for their dry shampoos, and i believe they have around 13 different types. They have three for coloured hair, for blonde, medium browns and dark brown/black, these revitalise your hair and add a pop of colour to the hair aswell. They have xxl volume which creates volume as well as take the greaseyness from the hair. Tropical for the summer which has a tropical sent. Gold Shimmer which adds a slight shimmer to the hair, i would recommend using this for a night out. Original which just refreshes the hair. Fresh which is a unisex dry shampoo, but i would recommend it is more for the men than woman. Brit, which i don't think is anything special, i think it was bought out for Olympics and Jubilee. Blush, which is my favorite and the one i have in the picture, this refreshes the hair and add a nice subtle scent to the hair. Wild, this is my favorite packaging as it is leopard print!, this refreshes the hair and adds a oriental scent to the hair. Cherry, is one i have yet to try, this refreshes the hair and adds a cherry scent also, i wouldnt recommend for people that don't like cherries thought hehe. Lace, which is also a pretty packaging, this a vintage dry shampoo it also refreshes the hair. Blush is my favorite as i love the scnet, if you have never tried a dry shampoo before go for the original to see if you like the way they work.
How to use:
Spray the dry shampoo onto the roots only, but keep the nozzle 30cm away from the roots, massga ewith fingers tips and then style as normal. Lauras tip: Don't spray to close and instead of massaging with fingers use a brush or comb.
I give the dry shampoos a 5 out of 5, they are good for when you are in a rush, good for the money and have even minitures for when your on holiday.
I hope you enjoyd this mini review. There wasn't much else i could say other than what i have, any questiosn don't be afraid to ask

Mwahh xx

Disclaimer: Product was purchased by myself, i have not been sponsored to write this blog and all opinions are my own. I have taken imformation from the Batiste site, but have linked to the site also.

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