Friday, 25 May 2012


I live in England and as you might know England never really gets good weather. We get good rain but hardly any sun and today its SUNNY!!!! It is 20degrees thats REALLY hot for England.
I'm so excited! I'm ready to pop my bikini on and go relax with my ipod or book out in the sun and catch some rays then i thought....oh Crap i have work to be done.
 I have coursework for college that needs to be done and the sun is shining through the window, mocking me, whilst i sit here and type a blog and do my coursework at the same time :(
I am trying to get most of it done by about 12pm and it's not 10.50 and there is alot to be done, i've got the fill out that table, write about what i've put in the table, write about benefits to the salon and client and stylist of selling a service or product and the requirements of selling and promoting. Doesn't sound like much but being a level 3 student (senior stylist) they expect your work to be perfect and long and understanding.  Now i'm sat here wondering why i chose an extra unit.....Because i get more qualifications but i want to be out in the sun :(
I'm gonna go finished this coursewor off asap and chill in the sun :D

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