Tuesday, 23 October 2012

BarryM Web Effect.

Hey guys,
Today i wanna write about the new BarryM Web Effect Polish.
If i'm honest i was a bit disappointed with this polish, i'm glad it was free. There was an offer when got this polish buy any two Barrym nail products and get it free.

This isn't all that it makes out it to me. I feel to make the black and orange look which is on the lid you have to use alot of ornage otherwise it looks dull. Plus i would of thought making it black would have been alot easier?
This i got excited about with halloween coming up i thought it was a good idea and i was looking forward to creating nail art with it but .....

As you can see it looks more like the normal crackle than a spider web. I can slightly see the web coming through on the left with the two long lines but then it changes on the right. I have tried using different tempreatures to create different patterns like you can do with crackle but this was the closest i got to the "web Effect".

 I wouldn't recommend anyone go out and buy this if they are after the actual web effect but if you like BarryM polishes like i do you may as well get it whilst it is still on offer and get it free and you can't moan too much if it is free.
Mwahh xx

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