Thursday, 18 October 2012

Nail Art.

Hey Guys,
I wanted to share with you a nail art i tried a couple of days ago, i will say in advance i'm sorry i didn't take pictures for a step by step as i it was a trial and error and it turned out okay, if you would like me to do step by step pictures i will for you and i will edit and updaate on the blog but i will try to explain how i did this look as best as i can.
Step one: Start by painting the whole nail white.
Step two: Once the white is dry in a diagonal line from corner to croner paint one side of the nail pink.
Step three: Whilst the pink is drying becareful not to knock it using either nail art dotting tools, a toothpick or nail art pen make little black lines on the white, have a picture of Zebra print to help you as i wish i had.
Step four: using the same tool as step three making sure it is clean use either a silver of gold and draw a line where the pink and white connect to split it apart from each other.
Step five: Leave the nails awhile to dry and apply a top coat and you're done.
It's pretty straight forward i would say on each nail start from the little nail and work towards the thumb to ensure you don't knock the nails.
I hope you enjoyed this mini tutorial and if you need picture step by step i would be happy to help.
Mwahh xx

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