Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Laura's Tips & Tricks!

Hey guys,
Today i thought i would post a little tips and tricks post, as over the years i have found little way to save money and sometimes time and i thought i would share those with you today. They may not be in a good order but trust me they all work =]
Tips and tricks:
1) Using brown sugar as an exfoliator really works and keeps the skin really soft. It is cheaper to buy than some of the exfoliators out there and still does the same thing.
2)Organic apple juice is also great for the skin, sounds silly but it really cleanses the skin and acts as a toner also which tightens up those pores.
3)Using a shampoo for greasy/oily hair works as a good kitchen/bathroom cleaner as it gets rid of all the oils as that is what it is bulit for and it leave surfaces smelling great, better than bleach anyway.
4)If you are one of those people that like nail polish on all the time..don't. Take it off and leave no polish on your nails for 1-2 days it helps keep the nails strong and also gives them time to breathe.
5)Have you ever had a lipgloss or mascara that seems to be empty but you can see or feel the product still in there? Put some hot/warm water into a mug and place the mascara or lipgloss into cup till the water has gone cold. This will loosen up the particles within the tude and it melts down leaving you with more product.
6)Don't just use one shampoo. When i first started college studying hairdressing i used to think as i know many people do, if you have coloured hair you need shampoo and sometimes conditioner for coloured hair wrong! Everyone's hair changes, sometimes mine is really greasy from product build-up, or its really dry from a hairspray that really dries out my hair and sometimes i only need a light cleanser and so i need a few different shampoos. I know this sounds a little expensive going out and buying all types of shampoos, but buy them when they are on offer and you don't need to buy them all at once.
7)Showering or having a bath everyday can dry out skin and make your skin think it needs to produce more oils leaving you feeling greasy and dirtier than when you went into the bath, but i tend to change cleansers everyother day. I use a shower gel like Palmolive and the next i use a soap, dove or Nivea and they are more soft and gentle to the skin.
8)Have you ever ran out of heat protector spray and had a mini panic thinking you miht damage your hair? Fear not, using a leave in conditioner does the same thing. Both conditioner and heat protector put a barrier onto the hair stopping it from getting any damage.
9)Be organised, sounds silly but i have a space for everything. I know where it all is and my room doesn't get cluttered with things everywhere, as long as you put things back when finished with them you won't need to tidy up as much.
10)Lastly i hate it when necklaces get all tangled up and you end up with a ball of gold and silver the charms popping out of it, i bought a mug tree. I hang my necklaces on there and now they don't get all tangled, they are easy to get at and make a good ornament type thing on my window.

I have many more tips and tricks. If you liked this blog post today, write in the section below and i will write another blog like this some time.

Mwahh xx

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