Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Tetley Tea.

Hey guys,
Today i going to be a slightly different blog, as it won't be about books, maekup or fashion but drinks. I have never been a big tea drinker, i try to keep up with drinking fruit tea at least once a day but i was more of a coffee girl myself...Until recently. My mother(whom i live with) came home from shopping a few weeks back with Tetley Blend of both teabags.
As you can read on the front of the packet it has both black and green tea in it and if you are anything like i am i thought errrr. I don't mind green tea or black tea but both at the same time no thanks, but i was pleasently surprised once i tried it. I didnt have the "green tea" taste to it like i thought it would. I was lik drinking normal everyday black tea. This has 72%black tea and 28% green tea, so it isn't over powering and it is nice with or without milk. I found drinking with milk made it taste like a normal tea and the milk lessened the green tea taste but without milk it tasted just like green tea. I would recommend everyone tries this as it isn't what i expected it to be and it's great for those who try to drink more healthy but don't like i was. I have found myself drinking more tea than i used to, i think i have had one cup of coffee in the last two weeks, when usually i would start everyday with a cup of coffee. I do believe it is priced around £2 for 80 tea bags at Asda, but i am sure once you can buy it at any food shopping centre and will probably be cheaper at other places. You can't moan about price if you just try to drink at least one a day as £2 over 80 days isn't that expensive. I have done a little research on both black and green tea and i have found green tea is good for you as it, increases metabolism, promote healthy body, helps with better oral health, increases energy and fights against aging. Black tea is good for bones and skin, increases energy and it gets rid of the anitoxidants in your body. Together this is a healthy cup of tea.

I also would like to talk about normal fruit tea, as i said above i try to drink at least one cup of cfruit tea a day as, they are refreshing, healthy for you and they make a nice change to the boring cup of tea you usually have. Twinning have a wide range of fruit tea, in all sorts of flavours. I like green tea and lemon as it takes the sour edge off green tea leaving it refreshing. Also what i like about fruit tea is if it is a hot day leave the tea to go cold and pour over ice, it is thrist quenching. Unlie normal tea you dont add milk to these. If you are unsure of what flavour to go with i know Twinnings do a mixture pack and that was how i found which ones i liked.

I hope you enjoyed this different blog post today. Have you tried the blend of both? Whats your favorite fruit tea? Feel free to leave a comment.
Mwahh xx

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