Thursday, 26 July 2012


Hey Guys,
Up until about 6 months ago i was a Primark virgin, everyone used to rant and rave about how good this shop was and i never really got the excitement. I was and still am a lover of a shop called Matalan. The prices ranges from £3 to £60, but that all depends on which brand of clothing you shop for. I did have a waredrobe that was full of matalan and a few odds and ends from other shops that were gifts, but if i had money or needed clothes Matalan was the place i would go and i still do, but i now tend to go Primark also.
Matalan has a website and as far as i am aware they do not ship internationally, the link to the site is here. Matalan and Primark are similar on prices, the variety and also of fashion. Primark is good quality for the price you pay and you can get some good bargins in the sales. I personally tend to shop for Accessories in Primark as they are pretty, a good quality and are very cheap. Shoes also are good for your money although i will say i have yet to purchase some heels from there as i'm not a heel person. Primark also sell make up and as i have mentioned in a past blog here i love there nail varnishes. I haven't tried any of there make up yet but i will one day. I wouldn't say i have purchased alot from Primark, just Jeans, Plain black Trousers, a dress, Skirts, Loads of Tops, flat shoes and Mostly Accessories. If i am honest i am looking forward to the Autumn collection as i am an Autumn baby and i don't like the weather to hot or too cold and i find Autumn for me is just right. Also i will have had birthday money by then and will be able to spend hehe.
Do you like Primark? Maybe you're a Primark virgin like i was? Would you like me to do a Blog Haul next time i go? Leave comments below and i will get back to you.
Mwah xx

Disclamier: All opinions are my own and i was not sponsored to write this blog.


  1. I love Primark and i think it would be great for your to do a haul post :)!! My mum loves matalan so we always go at the start of summer to buy summer clothes!! I also got all my home bits from their before i started uni!

    Amy x

  2. Next time i go to Primark i will be sure to put a post online for you Amy.

    Laura x