Friday, 27 July 2012

Organisation Tips.

Hey Guys,
Today i thought i would share with you some ways i organise my things. I'm not trying to tell you how to organise your things but i have found having everything the way i do, it is easy to find and is never a mess. Some of these things you may already have and choose to use them in the ame way i have.

First thing is this, I actually have two of these one each side of a Dvd rack, but one holds my make-up and nails polishes and the other has make-up wipes, scarves, head bands and spare shower gels and such and i also have a spare draw. I find these help you be more organised, as the one in the picture is the one i hold my make-up in, i use the top draw for face make-up, foundation, blusher, primer, concealer that sort of thing. The second draw is eyes, eyeshadow, mascara. the thd draw is lips, lipstick, lipglosses and the fourth draw is just nail polishes. I find keeping my stuff organised like this helps me know where everything is. This can be purchased at any home place. I bought this from Matalan about a year ago and the second one two years ago at Ikea.

As i have just said between my two wicker drawers i have a Dvd rack which also has a CD rack on both sides, been as thought i only have three CD's as all my music gets downloaded now, i thought i would hang my sun glasses on the rack as they wont get scratched or broken. Also i am a sucker for forgetting to put them on, but with them being hung up i tend to remember to put them on as i have to walk past them to leave my bedroom. The Dvd rack was purchased from Argos, but you can purchase one at any home place.

On top of the right wicker drawer i have these two three drawer compartments. These i tend to keep my little everyday things in. The top white one has my Eyeliners in one drawer, my eye lash curler, foundation brush and powder brush in the second drawer and in the last draw has my nail things like, nail file, clippers, cuticle pushers. In the purple drawers is just hair, i have bobbles in my top drawer, grips and small grips/clips in second drawer and third drawer has my bigger clips, or flowers.

This idea i actually stolen from someone on youtube a year ago, This is a Mug Tree. It's a stand you usually put your mugs on, but i keep my fake jewelery and watches on this. There are 6 prongs to this mug tree and i keep my bracelets on th back top on and the front top one i hang my necklaces. The middle two side ones i hang all my watches, i have 7 watches in total(most of them need new batteries). The back bottom prong has my hoop earrings on and the front has nothing as this is where the pendants of the bracelets hang. I do have more bracelets but they are ones i don't tend to use and they are stored in a old shoe box under my bed. This can be purchased anywhere.

This is a storge box, i have this one and the bigger version that holds my bed clothes, but this holds my everyday things, nail polish remover, face toner, a few pots of toner wipes, mini hand creams and stuff. I actually have this on top of th wicker drawers you saw in the picture and it gets slightly hidden by my TV, but it's just a random storage container. This and the bigger one was purchased from Ikea 3 year ago.

This was given to me for my 18th birthday, I was unsure what to do with this at first as, i already had a little trinket box i keep little memories in, but when i started shopping at Primark and purchased a lot of earrings i started using it as a earring tub, and it's great. It's good as a decorations on my window, but also holds sooo many earrings.

I hope you enjoyed this mini-ish blog today. Please feel free to leave a comment below telling me how you organise your things. Have you got any of the same items as myself?

Mwahh xx

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