Monday, 23 July 2012

Leopard Nail Art Tutorial.

Hey guys,
Today i will show you one of my favorite easy nail arts. I love leopard print and i love experimenting with nail polish, i thought i would share with you my way of creating a simple nail art. With this nail art you can mix and match with colours or just stick to one colour. To get the same nail art as me you will need 4 colour nail polishs all different colours, a white nail polish, a nail pen or a toothpick and black nail polish can be used and a clear.
I use a white as my base as it helps the colours stand out more from the nails and it attrack attention to the nails also. I chose coral, yellow, pink and blue as they are bright but also becuase they work with each other pretty well. I purchased my nail art pens at a hair and beauty convention two years ago, but you can buy some from Ebay. My clear was one in a set. This nail art can be completed in 4 easy steps.
Step One: Paint all your nails white. I understand this isn't a very good look to have on your nails but it will come to gether shortly trust me. 
If you get some on the edge of the finger like i have don't worry get a cotton bud or Qtip and put some nail polish remover on it and wipe over where the nail polish is.

Step Two: Using the colours you chose to create this funky leopard print nail blob little dots of colour onto the nails. Don't worry if there is little gaps you dont want colour you can use a black to lessen the gap. I start with a blob of each other on each nail and then if i want to add more i will.

Step Three: Using you blak polish and toothpcik or black nail art pen, slowly go around the blobs, you can go all the way around or just three quarters of the way its up to you. I do also fill in the gaps with little blobs or lines of black to look more leopard print.
Step Four: Once everything is dry, take a clear polsih and paint over the nail leaving the nail shiny.

I hope you enjoyed this mini tutorial, i used more pictures this time as i didn't think it was as simple to explain as my basic french tip with a twist nail art here. If you enjoyed this nail art and would like to see more of my nail art tutorials leave a comment.
Mwah xx

Disclaimer: All products in this blog were gifts or purchased by myself. I have not been sponsored to write this blog.

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