Saturday, 23 June 2012

7 Things!

Hey guys,
Recently i have been inspired by SprinkleofGlitter Aka Louise, because she is so bubbly, is a full time mum and still finds time to write blogs and film and post videos on youtube. I am a follower to her blog here and also i am subscribed to her youtube channel. Louise always seems to brighten up my day and i think her daughter is so cute and the other day she wrote a blog to get everyone involved ina 7 things tag let's say. You choose 7 things to do over a period of time and it keeps you motivated, so i thought i would join in.

My 7 Things.
Starting from 25th of june till the 2nd of July i plan to. Please note i am only starting off with little things as i want to start little and get bigger and better.
1) Finished reading body of Evidence by Patricia Conrwell and start reading the next book in the series All That Remains.
2) Learn a new recipe and cook it from scratch and test it on the family muwhahaha, only joking i can cook :)
3) Teach myself a new nail art, i like to mess around with my nail art pens and make new designs. (I will put a blog about one if i create it)
4) Exercise for an hour once a day, i have never been a "fit" person but i would like to loose a little weight so hopefully this will help me.
5) I would like to move around my bedroom and try it in a new style, so i can give my room a good sort out and tidy.
6) I plan to go around my area (where i live) and hand out my Cv to all hair salons as i need a job, plus they get to see my face and see my skills.
7) Lastly i would like to start going to bed a little earlier, as i got to bed abour 10:30pm and cat settle down and relax for ages and i only end up getting 5 maybe 6 hours sleep so if i go to bed earlier i may actually get a good nights sleep.

To read what Louise is aiming to achieve click here and this is the link to click to join in the fun ->

I hope you have fun and don't forget to join in, see you soon.
Mwahh x


  1. Good list. I like to move things around too every once in a while. Hope you will get a new job soon!

    Napoleana :)

    1. Thanks Napoleana. What a nice name by the way :D
      Fingers crossed on the job front

  2. If you haven't already, try Pinterest for nail design inspiration. I was browsing earlier and ended up spending an hour creating my own version of something I saw :)

    Good luck on finding a job too!

    Rachel x

    1. I have heard of Pinterest. I might give it a try soon :D

  3. Replies
    1. Thank you :D.
      I haven't been doing this long, but it's nice to know some one is enjoying it

      Laura xx