Thursday, 28 June 2012


Hey guys,
Today you will have learnt that I do not like storms! When I was younger my mum told me a story of when there was a storm lightening stuck a tree and nearly killed her she loves storms but me since that day I panic when I hear a slight rumble of thunder. I hate them and at the moment I  am sat under the stairs where there is no electric with my iPod on full blast shaking like a leaf. Under the stairs is the only place I feel safe, I can't hear the thunder because of my music and sat in a cupboard I can't see the lightening :D
I always end up crying and I find it hard to breathe when I first start to panic I think I should stock up on brown paper bags to help me breathe haha.
Sorry this has been a sad weird blog but I didn't know where else to go whilst I am panicking, my mother is at work and my partner is also busy at work :'(
Mwahh xx

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