Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Epilator Review!

Hey guys,
I thought today i would share with you my favorite beauty item of all time! My Philips Epilator. I was bought this for christmas by family and i have to say it is without a doubt the best present i have ever had. I have the philips HP6509 Satinelle soft total body epilator. Before i had a Epilator i used to hate getting my legs out, i would shave my legs and within 24 hours would have thick, black hair all over my legs again and the more i shaved the more quicker and thicker they came back. At one point i thought if i left them to grow for awhile they wouldnt grow back so quick, but they did. My sister (who bought me this Epilator) had asked me what i wanted for christmas and i said and Epilator as they were on offer at the time for £20 instead of £50, so that is what she bought me. At first i was a bit scared to use the Epilator, as i knew it was a little machine that had lots of little pairs of tweezers in it and it spins really fast to get the hair out. I read on setting one (it has two speed settings) it pulls up to 600 hairs a minute and setting two up to 733 hairs!

 My epilator runs on mains only, i think you can purchase ones that run on batteries and some you have to charge up but mine only works when it is plugged in, which i don't mind. If you are looking for an Epilator to use wet or dry look around i know Braun do one. I like to weight of the Epilator it isn't too big and isn't too small it is just right and i think it is worth every penny.

My Epilator came with a few accessiories which i believe all of them do. From left to right, 1) a shaver, this is like a razor you use when shaving your legs i don't tend to use this as i love the Epilator part, 2) A brush top this can go on the top of the Epilator or shaver it raises the hair to make it easier to grab the hairs, 3) a massage head with little comb, this raises the hair but also when Epilating it stings a little bit so with the massage head it massages blood and it doesnt sting as much and lastly a bursh to clean your little beauty machine. 
The reason why i have this Epilator is because the hairs on legs don't come back as quick, i can go a good few days without Epilating or shaving and the hairs are ultra thin, to the point even if i know my legs have needed to be Epilated i get away with not doing it all the time. It works wonders on the bikni line too and i have tried it on my arm pits but it made my eyes sting aa little so that is something i will have to get used to within time i guess.
Laura Tips:
1)The instrution manual that it came with said it is best Epilate after a bath as the pores are open, but i find before the bath is best as the hair are my slippy and it takes more time to Epilate.
2)It also said to Epilate at night time so the little red bumps you sometimes get settle down, but i find you can do day or night as long as you use a non-perfumed moisturiser afterwards and really massge it in.
3)Pull the skin tight where you are Epilating as this makes it easier it doesnt hurt as much.
4)If the hairs are really long trim them down a little with the shaver as it hurts when they are bigger and sometimes it missess them.
5) Lastly use the Epilator around 2-3 a weeks to begin with until you notice the hairs seems to grown slower and finer and then keep to once a week.

You can purchase this Epiltor From Boots, Amazon, Philips Site and Superdrug. You can purchase this item from alot of places but i have only named the main ones, if your type in philips epilator on google or yahho you will get a lod of different links. The price differs in different shops but shop around.
I hope you enjoyed this blog i will be back with more soon

Mwah xxx

* Disclamer: Item mentioned was a gift from family and all opinions are my own.

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