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Faithful View's - 9/11

Hey guys,
Faithful View's is going to be a series of when i will talk about my views in life and such. This doesn't mean i am correct and what i say is fact, this just means this is how i feel about things and what i think about whatever i will be talking about.
Today i was sorting/tidying my bedroom when i stumbled upon three books that are close to my heart. They are : Eyewitness to history by Rodney Castleden R.R.P £8.99, Conspiracy Theroies By Jamie King R.R.P £ 7.99 and 9.11 The New Evidence By Ian Henshall R.R.P £9.99.
11th of September 1992 i was born and when the tragdey of 9/11 happened it ruined my 9th birthday :(. I was a big geek at school and i was upset because we got sent home as the head teachers nephew was in America at that time. She sent us all home to find out if he was okay and where he was (He was fine by the way), but i was very disappointed as i loved school and i wanted to be with my friends on my birthday. As i was younger, back then i just thought a tower had fell and ruined my birthday and every year i hated it when 9/11 programmes about "the falling man", "The firefighters", "What really happened on 9/11" and "the surviors and family members that lost people that day" were on the telly on my birthday and to this day they still are the same programmes every year *

I don't think we have been told the truth 100%, some things i believe and some i do not. For example i am a believer in a plane alone will not make a tower literally crumble to the ground i think there was something there helping it to fall, sure tower 1  maybe as the preasure of the tower 2 falling could of caused that to become unstable but the tower 2 was made to fall with something i'm not sure with what, but i am sure it was with something. I also do not believe Al-Qaeda is 100% to blame, i do believe they were on the plane and they drove them into the towers, but i think they were paid to die, i mean why would sercurity let them through so easily the morning of 9/11 if they were already on a wanted list? If they knew it was them why not kill them straight away right after 9/11? I also believe the last plane (Flight 93) was shot down and it did not crash. Also one thing that confuses me still to this day is, President Bush was at a school, Booker Elementry School, when 9/11 first hit of tower 1 happened and was sat in a classroom listening to students read to him, when he was informed of what had happened and that there was an attack on his Country he still sat there and carried on listening to the children read, in which later that day gives a speech the whole world to see where he said stuff like, our country is strong, we will fight and declares and war on Iraq and i just think how can a man sit there and listen to children read whilst 1,000's of people die and then declare war? He should of been out of that classroom as soon as the news came in to help fight with his "strong " country. Also he has said to more than one person he had seen the first plane on the telvision, how? he was in a classroom and when the children had finished reading, that was when he went into a different room (Staffroom) and watched it!

9/11 The New Evidence, is a book about 9/11 alone, it gives you the story everyone has been told from the FBI, Bush and Officals and it also gives you, the conspriacy theories, the science behind it all, the history behind Iraq and Amercia before 9/11, it bascially gives every angle of 9/11 you could think of then it's up to you what to believe. I have read and re-read this book over, as you always find something else to believe or think about. I like this book because, in the back it gives you the references where Ian Henshall (the Author) got the information for the book and when you check it strangley, 9 times out of 10 it is from officals. It's there stories that never add up. It's not a book you can snuggle down with in bed, it's more of a revision book and than a reading book.
Eyewitness to History is a thick book of little stories of history, from eyewitness's and a little about that certain fact of history, there are alot of different facts of history in this book ranging  from The Assassination of Julius Caesar to UFO's. This book is very interesting as this accounts for what really happened as whatever is in the book is from people who were actually there. Two people came forward to have what they saw written into the book, Matthew Cornelous and David Lim. They both gave accounts of what had happened to them that day, Matthew had been in Tower 1and didn't really think it could have been as bad as it ended up from just a plane and David had been in Tower 1 when Tower 2  had collapsed.
Conspiracy Theories, is like the Eyewitness Book as, they are both of books of lots of little stories. This book ranges from 9/11 to Man on the Moon. This book only gives you the different theories people have thought of about acts of history. This book gives you even silly little Conspiracy theories like Cartoons. The theory is for the Cartoons story that 700 children in Japan had had a fit after watching a cartoon and the conspiracy is, was this on purpose! I like this book as it leave you hunting for the answers and makes your think.

Before i leave, i would like to add, i think the way people reacted when Bin Laden was "killed" was horrible. If 9/11 is true and he was behind it all and he had planned to kill nearly 3,000 people, how anyone thinks it is right to then kill him too is in the wrong. I live by three motto's in life, "Two wrongs don't make a right", "Everything hppens for a reason" and "What goes around camess around" and they are all true. It's bad he killed thousands of people and hurt many by killing their families and friends but killing him, isn't that the same as what he had done? What about his families and friends? I also don't understand why building a 1,776ft tower where Twin Towers stood called the Freedom Tower is a tribute to any of them that sadly passed away? Twin towers were 1,368ft tall so they build another tower is it's place, in which is slightly taller and another Plane could fly into it! Why a tower called Freedom? You think being killed by a Plane and falling Tower is freedom? Why not do a grave yard of benches with peoples names on? Make it pretty for those who sadly died that day not build another tower!

These are just a few of my views of what happened 9/11, they are not facts and feel free to leave a comment stating what you do or do not believe in.

Mwahh xx
*Disclaimer: I am not saying what i have read in books, saw on television, saw on the internet or just what i believe in general is FACT, i'm just saying that it is what i belief.

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