Monday, 18 June 2012

Nail Varnish Collection.

I thought today i would show my nail varnish collection. I was going through all the different colours the other day whilst i was chosing my latest colour to paint my nails and i had an idea to share with you my nail varnish collection.

This is my collection, i store all my makeup in a four drawer wicker cabinet and my polishes fill the bottom drawer of this cabinet. I own 53 different nail varnishes in all shapes and sizes and hopefully will buy more. I also own the basic white, black, also nail varnishes for french manicures and also i have a few Sally Hansen  nail Polishes to strengthen the nails and 8 nail art pens. Lets start with a run down of my nail varnish collection what make and what colours i have.

My BarryM Nail Paint Collection

 I am a HUGE fan of BarryM Nail paints, I think they last for a long time, they really strengthens up my nails, as i do have weak and brittel nails unless i look after them. I have 15 colours so far and would love to own the whole collection as i love the colours and how pigmented they are. Also if you do forget to use a Base coat these don't stain the nails. You can purchase these nail paints from Boots, Superdrug and from the BarrM website My colour collection from (Top left to bottem right): 161 Vivid Purple, 303 Bright Purple, 272 Shocking Pink, 279 Bright Pink, 309 Strawberyy Ice Cream, 136 Tangerine, 296 Coral, 273 Raspberry, 310 Mushroom, 313 Dusky Mauve, 292 Navy, 312 Indigo, 294 Cyan Blue, 291 Colbalt Blue and lastly 290 Spring Green. BarryM nail paints are without a doubt my favorite nail paints.
BarryM Nail Effects Nail Paints.
As i stated above i love BarryM Nail Paints and i am also a lover of their different nail effects paints. I only have the crackles and croc in black so far s i have been unsure which colour to buy for a different effect..Any Suggestions? I would love for them to bring out more colours in the magnetic nail paint.Each colour as a different magnetic effect, look at the lids and that is the pattern the magnetic will create. I purchased all four colours as i wanted to mix and match the polish and magnet.You can buy these also from Boots, Superdrug and online & Collection (Left to right)323 Croc Effects, 311 Nail Effects, 329 Magnetic Violet, 327 Magnetic Burgundy, 328 Magnetic blue, 326 Magnetic Dark Silver.

Rimmel Collection.
I also like the Rimmel collection, i like how they are highly pigmented but i have found after wearing them for two days they begin to chip easily and i prefer my nail varnish to last a little longer as i dont have the time to be sat there painting my nails every day and i find they take ages to dry also. You may notice some are from the i love lasting finish collection and some are from the 60 seconds collection i see no different in collections they both have the same finish and dry as quick as eachother. My collection(Top left to bottom right) 198 Azure, 819 Green With Envy, 236 Green Grass, 610 pompous, 195 perfect Plum, 055 Sunshine, 320 Rapid Ruby, 030 Double Decker Red, 619 Pulsating, 021 Magenta Magic, 230 Portobello Pink, 050 Tangerine Queen.  
Prmiark Collection
I recently purchased the primark nail polish as they were £2 for four nail varnishes and i like the neon colours and also the pastel collection. I didnt think they would be as good as they are, i have the mint green one on at the moment and after 4 days still has no chips. I have found you will need 2 coats maybe three depending on how thick you like your colour to be. As these are primark collection nail polishes i can't write their names or numbers, but i will recommend you purchase these whilst they are in stock and i do hope they bring out more nail polishes like this. From trying these i am tempted to try out their make up line too.

Miscellaneous Collection
These are a few odd nail varnishes i have bought to try or were gifts. The ones with no label were from a make up set i had for christmas, i am unsure where is was purchased from and how much they were as i have said it was a gift. They are very watery and need at least 3 coats of paint on each nail the collection is called Markwins International?. The avon Matte grey polish is very in your face grey, is good for halloween  and for people with courage to wear it on it's own, top coat dials it down a little but i still don't have the courage to wear it without my Avon colourtrend green one in the bottom middle as they make a lovely grey colour with greenish tint to it this is coloured Avon Matte Nailwear Grey Cement.The other avon Nail varnish is a nice colour, looks natural on the nails and works well to create a french manicure, it is also a speed dry nail polish it really does dry quick, this is colour Ballerina and is good quality i would recommend as it doesnt chip much either. The purple nail polish is from the line called Attitude, i bought this when i was at the hair and beauty warehouse as it was only £3 and thought i would give it a try, it is good quality is watered down a little but still only needs two coats, I dont like the brush as it is hard and rough and does sometimes leaves lines in the nail polish, The colour is 2880 Tutti Frutti. Next is my MUA Nail polish this is in shade 4, i am not going to write alot about this polish as i have a blog about the MUA products and i go into detial about this on that blog here but i will say this is good quality and i will be purchasing more colours in the futrue. Next colour is a asda George nail polish, was £1 i believe as my mother bought this for me well over a year ago, is quick dry and doesnt chip as much as i expected, only needs two coats maximum and is number 15 mid black. Next is the Avon colourtrend in shade Surf, i dont really reccommend using this on it's own i would say use it to add sparkle and shine to the nails as it's not that pigmented on it's own. Next is my MissSporty nail polish, I purchased this to go under my Barrym Nail effects crackle and croc as i think black and silver really pop, this is from the clubbing colours collection and is in shade Mettalic Crystal (Silver), i like this polishes but might purchase some more as i am starting to like them more and more, you can purchase these from Boot, Superdrug and Since taking these pictures (4 days ago) i have also purchased a gold from the clubbing collection of MissSporty in shade Gold Backstage and and i have pruchased a glittery polish also from MissSporty Collection in shade Clear. Lastly are two from the Collection 2000 Hot looks collection, I have 38 Mint Mojo and 46 Fruit Loop, I like how pigmented they are and how they are thick on the nails but i did find it needed 3 coats of polish and chipped quickly with or without a top coat, i was close to throwing them away but changed my mind as they are good for at least one night and i really love the colours.

I hope this wasn't too long for you all again *opps*
I will be back shortly
Mwahh xx

*Disclaimer: All Nail varnishes were purcahsed by myself or were gifts from family or friends. I have not been sponsored to write this blog and all opinions are my own. I am in no way braggin about my collection as i have watched videos on youtube of people with 200 polishes.

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