Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Book Review: Isobel's Wedding.

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I am a HUGE book worm, if i have spare time i read, if i am bored i read. Always have been and probably always will be as I love reading. Recently i finished Isobel's Wedding By Sheila O'Flanagan, This book was actually given to me by my partners nan as she had had a sort out of her old books, but can be bought from Waterstones For £5.99

Front Cover Of Book.

A fabulously addictive novel from No. 1 bestselling author Sheila O'Flanagan about facing every bride-to-be's worst nightmare, and surviving. Four hundred and twenty pearls hand-sewn onto the wedding dress. The Mediterranean honeymoon booked for months. A pile of presents bigger than Everest. And her lovely Tim, the most perfect bridegroom a girl could wish for. Except, two weeks before the wedding, he changes his mind...Isobel's wedding is off. Her world in tatters, Isobel turns to Spain, a new job, a new life and as many men as she can decently manage. Including the very appealing Nico with whom, she feels, there could be a long-term future. But part of Isobel knows that she will have to go back home some day. And that, despite all that's happened since she left, she still has unfinished business... *

I had heard of this author before but had never read any of her books so i was going in not knowing how this would be written, as many authors stay with the same way of writing. I had this book in Hardback which i dont really like as they always seem to big for me :(, but you can't moan when it was free :) This had 442 pages in it but the print wasn't small.
Example of print of the book.
I found this book was quite good, very descriptive which i like as i tend to picture myself within the story. It really grabbed me as i felt every emotion from this book, sadness, happiness and laughter. I would recommend this book to friends and family but is not one i will be keeping. It was a good read yes but to me it dragged out a lot and the end was very short and blunt, i would of liked a longer ending or maybe a follow up book. i give this book a 6 out of 10, due to the ending. All in all the book was good but the ending ruined it slightly for me, i wouldn't read again, but i did like it.

I am currently reading Street Kid By Judy Westwater and a review will be up shortly.

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*Synopsis was taken from

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